The Honiara City Council's main office in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo: Courtesy of flickr.

The Honiara City Council’s main office in Honiara, Solomon Islands. Photo: Courtesy of Flickr.

The Honiara City Council’s Vector Borne Disease Control Program and Guadalcanal Province have completed a mosquito fogging operation in Honiara and in some areas of the Province.

A statement from World Health Organization Office in Honiara today said the fogging operations, conducted last month, were in response to the increased numbers of dengue cases that recorded mainly at Honiara City Council Clinics.

The statement says the fogging program is to kill any adult Dengue mosquito which may carry the dengue virus.

The statement adds the main targeted areas are evacuation centers as they reported many dengue cases recently.

SIBC News understands the Mosquito fogging operations are usually carried out between 5am and 7-thirty am, or 4-thirty and 6-thirty pm – times when the outdoor dengue vector is most active and looking to bite.

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