Here's how ebola affects the body. Photo credit: Early

Here’s how Ebola affects the body. Photo credit: Early

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the World Health Organization has announced it is taking action to prepare for an imported case of Ebola virus disease.

A media statement from the World Health Organisation says this action has long-term benefits for the health system and frontline healthcare workers in Solomon Islands.

The statement also said although the risk of Ebola spreading to Solomon Islands is still very low, the consequences of not responding quickly and effectively to a case could be severe.

For Ebola to spread to Solomon Islands it would need to be imported by a person infected with the virus, coming from a country affected by the current outbreak, such as Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone.

No cases have been reported in the Pacific or Asian regions to date.

The statement says the Ministry of Health and Medical Services and the World Health Organisation will continue to work together to strengthen health systems in Solomon Islands.

Meanwhile, the Permanent Secretary for Health and Medical Services, Dr Tenneth Dalipanda says the Ministry is taking the necessary steps to prepare for Ebola and to improve their ability to detect and respond to infectious diseases.

He said the Ministry is currently training clinicians and healthcare workers in patient management, specimen collecting, contact tracing, reporting procedures and the safe usage of personal protective equipment.

The Permanent Secretary also said the Ministry is also improving their ability to detect sick passengers arriving at the airport.

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