Honiara runs out of medicine and vaccine

Photo: feverpitched/123RF

Honiara residents will expect to pay for their own medicine and vaccines as the clinics in Honiara are running out of drugs.

For the past weeks, Kukum Clinic has been advising patients to pay for the medicines they have been prescribed because they do not have them in stock.

The same direction applies to vaccine.

SIBC yesterday witnessed a medical practitioner telling patients, their medicine stock is running out so they are limited in the health services they provide.

He said sterile water for vaccine and other necessary equipment like syringes and bandages are also out of stock.

Meanwhile, the Honiara City Council Health Director Serah Hopkins confirmed all the clinics are running out of drugs, but says only the National Medical Store can further clarify the issue.

When SIBC contacted the National Referral Hospital this morning, doctors were said to be having an urgent meeting on the issue.

By: Allen Waitara

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