Illegal Rove betel nut market demolished

HCC officers dismantling the stalls today.

The Honiara City council Law enforcement division in collaboration with Police officers have dismantled and removed betel nut vendors at the Rove Market today.

More than 50 vendors were removed as part of the exercise, which included their stalls and homes being dismantled by law enforcement officers.

HCC head of Law enforcement, Mr. Robert Madeo said the vendors had been given eviction notices earlier to move out of the area.

“This exercise is in accordance to HHC ordinance to curb illegal activities in the city,” he said.

“So far today the vendors are cooperating well with us, they showed no resistance, which is good.”

Mr Madeo said some of the reasons for the removal of the vendors was because of the reports of illegal Alcohol sale in the area, and unhygienic practices, which he said was a threat to the health of residents in the area.

“Be because we have so many big events coming, this is also part of cleaning up the city,and improving it’s image,”he said.

“We are also clearing up this area to allow road work operations to expand and improve the road here, because this market is also disturbing the flow of traffic.”

He added that they will be continuing their operations in other illegal markets around the city in the coming weeks.

By: Lowen Sei.



A HCC officer at work.

Betel Nut vendors packing their belongings.





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