Supervising HCC Mayor Charles Aiwosuga. Photo credit: SIBC.

Supervising HCC Mayor Charles Aiwosuga. Photo credit: SIBC.

The continued internal migration into Honiara from the provinces has strained the Honiara City Council’s yearly budget, the Supervising City Mayor Charles Aiwosuga reveals.

Speaking at today’s Independence Day celebrations in Honiara, Mr Aiwosuga says providing services to the City is not an easy task.

He says the continued yearly increase in internal migration into Honiara has caused hindrances, yearly budget constraints and workforce difficulties for the Council.

Mr Aiwosuga adds the Council’s health sector has experienced difficulties.

“In the health sector, enough medication is budgeted with qualified staff for various ward clinics within the City. However, extra people hosted by relatives and the fast internal migration into Honiara again constrain the health services.”

He says Honiara will continue to develop but with everyone’s help to improve services to its dwellers.

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