Isabel's provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

Isabel’s provincial flag. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Isabel Provincial Executive has proposed to strengthen its provincial education priorities.

Isabel 2nd Appointed Day organising committee member William Leguvaka confirms to SIBC News, Premier James Habu echoed this sentiment in his speech today at Buala.

Mr Leguvaka reports the Premier as saying that among other commitments his executive intends to concentrate on developing early childhood education programs as a foundation for improved education for the province.

“The present government actually wants to concentrate more on education in the province especially on the aspect of early childhood so that they can promote educational basis for the province. That’s one of the aspects the Premier mentioned in his speech this morning, but he said the current government still has a lot more to do for our province.”

SIBC News understands, events to mark the 2nd Appointed Day have started yesterday, ending this Friday.

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