Map of Makira Ulawa. Photo credit: Commerce.

Map of Makira Ulawa. Photo credit: Commerce.

Construction on the Kirakira Market House, Makira’s provincial capital has been suspended following disputes from landowners.

Speaking to SIBC News Makira Ulawa Provincial Secretary, Silas Sitai says the province was very determined to build the new market house, saying they have pulled down the old building but have stopped after encountering  land disputes from  landowners.

“The province was very determined to build the market house as the condition of the current market house has deteriorated, so it pulled down the old facility and during the process we received a number of disputes from landowning groups at the site, which was claimed as still a customary land. So we’ve received claims from two parties who are currently on courts at the moment over that plot of land, so it has given us a setback to stop work.”

He says they are calling upon landowners to come forward and meet with the provincial executive to discuss on how they will settle the issue to allow the construction of the market house to go ahead undisturbed.

“We call upon the landowning groups who claim ownership of the site to please come forward and discuss with us what is the way forward for us to address the issue rather than having our market people victimised and which will affect the Kirakira population who depends entirely on the market.”

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