A banana variety. Photo credit:

A banana variety. Photo credit:

Chairman of the “De Makira Banana Queen Show, committee, says this year’s Makira Ulawa Province Banana Festival show will be bigger and better than last year’s.

In an interview with SIBC News Chairman Noel Mamau says additional events will be incorporated.

He adds the quality of the show is an area to improve on.

“It will be bigger, one reason, of course, is we have convinced some of our sponsors or likely sponsors to be assured of what we are going to do so there is a number of sponsors who are coming to assist us, so because of that we will see that it will be slightly bigger than last year and we would like to improve the quality of performance. Last yeat was just an inaugural show so we learn from our mistakes then and we want to put on a quality show this time around.”

Mr Mamau adds this year’s theme is  “Promoting Tourism and Banana inMakira Ulawa Islands.”

De Makira Banana Festival Show will be held from the 1st to 4th of September.

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