Asian businessman refuses to stop development on alleged illegal land

Leong Hauzana plans to continue developing the ‘Island Plaza’ for shops and offices.

Liang Huazan of A-Plus Ltd, who is currently developing the controversial Fixed Term Estate land next to the Aeronautical Telecommunication Station at Henderson says, his work will continue.

Mr Huazan said he has all the legal documents where the Commissioner of Lands in 2016 gave the title to him.

The Asian businessman said he is building what will be called the ‘Island Plaza’ for shops and offices, which will provide job opportunities for locals.

He said the Guadalcanal Province Building and Development Board granted him permission to develop the site.

The Building and Development Board Chairperson Timothy Ngele this week refused to comment further about the development, saying it was under investigation.

“That is an issue for the Ministry (Aviation and Communication). Follow up with them, they have a legal case. It is in Court now so i don’t want to say anything about it. Let the Court deliberate on it.

“The Court will decide on who is responsible for what because those issues are not current issues.”

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary of Lands, Housing and Survey, Stanley Waleanisia told SIBC Online a legal process to resume the FTE is currently underway.

“On taking back the land, it is also a legal process where the three Ministries, the Ministry of Justice, Lands and Civil Aviation are looking strongly to retrieve it back under public interest.

“It is highly like that the land will be retrieved back from Civil Aviation. We are looking at the legal processes available to take it back from the Asian.”

SIBC Online is aware those involved in the controversy were suspended last year including the then Commissioner of Lands.

Island Plaza was constructed by a local construction group, JO Sons Construction.

By: Charley Piringi 

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