A map of Guadalcanal. Photo credit:

A map of Guadalcanal. Photo credit:

Marau residents, East Guadalcanal will have their own mini hospital.

Coordinator of the project Shanella Talasi says it is anticipatedย the hospital will be open to the general public early next year, before work on the second phase starts.

Ms Talasi says access to proper water supply has delayed constructionย progress.

“As is common the clinic needs water so that is one area and the other is that according to a survey our water level is quite high during the rainy seasons which affected the sewage systems.”

She says another delay is the ceasing of the project’s goods taxย exemption by the government since April 2013.

Ms. Talasi says the government has only renewed the exemption inย August this year.

Construction of the hospital began in 2010.

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