A sign of Youth Stress. Photo credit: Webitect

                                                     A sign of Youth Stress. Photo credit: Webitect

Mental Health problem is an outstanding issue that affects young people in the country, says President of the Honiara Council of Youth, Harry James.

Mr Harry told SIBC News in an interview this week, the number of young people living with mental illness has increased on the streets.

“You will see that youth got involved in very unacceptable behaviour in our society because of frustration over their issues which are not addressed and I see that the issue of mental health is just lurking under the table and I understand even the health authorities are struggling to create policies regarding this issue.”

He adds, as President of the Honiara Youth Council, it is sad to notice young people being mentally affected.

“It is sad to see the same age groups of young people along the streets of Honiara being frustrated over their issues and you can see this on their faces every day.”

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