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Students and community members at Nanakinimae Primary School in East Kwaio, Malaita province, were enlightened by a sexual and reproductive health awareness program targeting schools in the province’s eastern region.

Program facilitator William Baetua told SIBC News yesterday they are targeting schools within the region to educate students on sexual and reproductive health issues.

He says Nanakinimae was remotely located and its students and youths in the surrounding communities were informed through the program.

“I understand that a lot of youths who are living in those remote places do not have the chance to have access to information which would help to save their lives and so upon hearing such information, it would help them to make informed decisions regarding their sexual health.”

Meanwhile, Nanakinimae school Head Teacher Robert Maenalamo recommends that such programs be held annually and requested that an aid post be built at the school to serve the surrounding communities.

“Our recommendations are; that the program be repeated, including blood tests be conducted at the school due to its remoteness and can be done annually; support from both the provincial and national members for an urgent aid post to be situated here to serve the communities. We believe a number of death cases could have been avoided should an aid post be located at our school. We would also like to experience what health benefits are like in the country.”

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