No sign. Photo credit: For Christ and Culture.

No sign. Photo credit: For Christ and Culture.

Chiefs and Leaders in North Malaita are imposing tough measures for kwaso producers and consumers in their communities.

SIBC Stringer Mr. John Andrew Kiri reports, tougher penalties are imposed after noticing the majority of incidents in their communities are connected to liquor influence.

Details of the penalty with Mr. Kiri.

“Once two people consuming kwaso ended up in a fight and resulted in a death, the perpetrator will be fined $50,000.00 and the kwaso producer another $50,000.00 which totals up to $100,000.00. If someone is caught producing kwaso and marijuana, he or she will be fined on the spot with a total of 10 strings of shell money. If anyone is caught consuming kwaso and acting disorderly, swearing and using bad language in public places, they will be fined $100.”

Mr. Kiri says, this initiative is part of crime prevention initiative in the communities.

He says, Chiefs and leaders in North Malaita will work closely with the police to ensure their communities would have a family friendly environment which safe for all.

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