A sticker used by the SIEC on every registration centres starting tomorrow. Photo: SIBC.

A sticker used by the S.I.E.C on every registration centres starting tomorrow. Photo: SIBC.

Day one of the Bio-metric Voter Registration did not start well in other provinces and the capital.

Reports reaching SIBC News says some of the voter registration centres in the country did not start due to technical problems encountered with registration computers.

In Isabel Province, Election Manager in Buala says a number of computers for the Bio- Metric Voter Registration in some Registration Centres encountered technical problems so they are still waiting to be fixed.

He adds some Registration Centres in Isabel complained that some information is missing from the laptops.

Reports from Kirakira, Makira Ulawa Province says the election registration process has started off well today, except for one Voter Registration Centre, in East Makira which has encountered a technical problem with its laptop.

In Western Province Radio Hapi Lagun’s Sina Adrian reports that registration has gotton off successfully at 7am this morning in Gizo.

Mr Sina adds the Chief Election Officer in Western Province, Eric Kikolo confirms to Radio hapi lagun, most other Registration Centres around the Province have started on time this morning.

However in Honiara, complains have been raised about technical problems encountered with some of the laptops used for the registration process.

The Chief Electoral Commission Officer Polycarp Haununu had told journalists in a media conference last week, in the case of a technical problem such as a computer break down, a replacement will be made immediate.

The Biometric Voter Registration will take 40 days ending on April 18th.

Meanwhile, in terms of out-of-constituency registrations the Chief Electoral says people living in Honiara who wishes to cast their vote in their constituency in the province can register in Honiara.

In a recent interview with SIBC News, Mr Haununu says the registration is called “Out of Constituency Registration.”

He adds only Art Gallery is the venue for the Out of Constituency Registration.

“We have only one centre here in Honiara and that centre is at the Solomon Islands Art Gallery, so if you are working in town but would like to vote back at home in your constituency in your province, then you will go and see people who are manning this centre so that they can tell which booth is representing your province and your constituency,” said Mr Haununu.

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