Police encourage ‘business as usual’ as they continue to monitor law and order situation in Honiara


The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) and the Solomon International Assistance Force (SIAF) are continuing with operation providing security to the people of Solomon Islands, particularly in Honiara. 

In a statement today, RSIPF encourages businesses to operate as usual as they continue to monitor current law and order situation in Honiara, in view of Parliament deliberation on the Constitution (Amendment) Bill 2022.

RSIPF officers leading that route march through Honiara starting at Ranadi on Saturday last week in preperation for today’s Parliament sitting. Photo Supplied/RSIPF

“With the high visibility operation underway by Police in and around Honiara, we want to remind the public to so business is as usual during the 11th parliament meeting,” says the RSIPF Commissioner Mr Mostyn Mangau.

“Our officers are out patrolling the streets and supported by Solomon’s International Assistance Force (SIAF), to ensure businesses and schools, government departments and other organisations are continuing with their normal operations and services to our people,” says Commissioner Mangau.

He adds: “The RSIPF, your Police will continue to provide security and a response capability to ensure law and order is maintained and to swiftly mange any public order issue.”

“We always have traffic jam and call for the public’s patience as traffic on some of our streets might be delayed but this will be temporary,” says Commissioner Mangau.

The RSIPF continues to monitor the current law and order situation in Honiara and the rest of the country and the public will be informed accordingly if there are any changes to the current situation.

Public are encouraged to get in touch through the Police Emergency toll free number 999 or the Police Operation Centre (POC) on phone 27894 should they have any information on any one or group planning to disturb the peace.

-RIPF Media

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