Permanent Secretary John Wasi. Photo credit: GCU.

Permanent Secretary John Wasi. Photo credit: GCU.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism begins its preparation to participate in next year’s 12th Festival of Pacific Arts.

Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Permanent Secretary Mr. John Wasitold SIBC News today, the Culture Division has made the bid for the budget for Solomon Islands Contingent to Guam.

“The current status of our preparation is that the Ministry has already held internal discussions in terms of the bids especially for next year’s budget to send a contingent to the Festival of Pacific Arts. The Ministry will soon form a national committee which will organise our participation.”

Mr. Wasi said the National Committee will soon select various cultural groups to represent the country during the event.

He said they are working to produce a cabinet paper to the Government for the endorsement of the committee so it begins preparation.

The PS said they are proposing to send a contingent consisting about one hundred participants to Guam next year.


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