Magistrates Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

Magistrates Court. Photo credit: SIBC.

Principal Magistrate Rodgers Tovosia has resigned from office.

Supervising Secretary to the Public Service Commission Dromand Rupert confirmed Mr Tovosia resigned from office late July.

Mr Tovosia has been suspended on half-pay since bribery allegations against him surfaced early this year.

An Australian claimed the Magistrate offered to acquit him from his case in exchange for fifty-thousand dollars.

Mr Rupert says the Judicial and Legal Service Commission suspended Tovosia pending Police investigations into the allegations,but there has been no further development on the case.

He says Mr Tovosia has decided to resign and look for other opportunities.

Mr Tovosia’s resignation has left the Honiara Central Magistrate’s Court with only three Magistrates.

SIBC News understands the former Leadership Code Commission Chair Emmanuel Kouhota whose term ended last week, has been appointed as the new Chief Magistrate.

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