Brown Ramohaka with the weights. Photo credit: Reportes' Academy.

Brown Ramohaka with the weights. Photo credit: Reporters’ Academy.

National weightlifter Brown Ramohaka has set a personal best and a Solomon Islands National record at the 2014 Commonwealth Games, with a lift of 1-hundred and thirty-five kilograms.

Dan O’Hara of the Reporters Academy in Glasgow reports, Brown first attempted 95 kilograms, and increased the weight to 100 kilograms in his second lift.

His third and final lift of 105 kilograms was however declared a no lift by the judges, as he had a slight bend in his arm.

In the clean and jerk round, after a failed first and second lift, Brown was successful third time round, lifting 135 kilograms.

This lift broke Brown’s personal best and the Solomon Islands national record.

The national weightlifter is now placed seventh out of nine, after his combined total of 235 kilograms.

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