The new SINTA Secretary General Samson Faisi. Photo: SIBC

The new SINTA Secretary General Samson Faisi. Photo: SIBC

Former teacher and outspoken SINTA industrial relations officer, Samson Faisi is the new Secretary General of the National Teachers Association.

SINTA has been without a Secretary General since John Lee Hatimoana became a Member of Parliament following his by-election victory in Ngella last year.

Acting SINTA Secretary General, Walter Tesuatai says Mr Faisi is a very vocal and instrumental person when it comes to pursuing teachers issues.

“We came out with the successful candidate, which now the new General Secretary for SINTA and he is the Industrial Relations Officer for SINTA, and he is Mr Samson Faisi. Sam had been the President of the organisation in the last year and then he became the Industrial Relations Officer who was very vocal and instrumental in pursuing the Teacher’s Re-leveling issue.”

The Acting Secretary General also said with the new Secretary General, the SINTA organisation will now be able to deal with its issues.

“And any correspondence and issues relating to SINTA organisation we have our new General Secretary who is going to take up the leading role in addressing those problems,” said the Acting Secretary.

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