PM Lilo receives his voter registration card. Photo: SIBC.

PM Lilo testing out the new voter registration system. Photo: SIBC.

A man from the Savo/Russells Constituency says the new Biometric Voter Registration system is depriving their right to choose with a clear conscience, a leader in the up coming general election.

William Runa told SIBC News the new registration system neglects their freedom by removing the six months residency requirement to be an eligible voter, which protects their constituency rights and freedom.

“The new registration process has neglected the liberty because they are removing the six months law which protects the constituency from intruders invading and our rights and freedom, especially Savo and Russells people. So for me this is just another way by which injustice is destroying our society and creating total confusion which clouded our vision to see and hear with good reasoning. So our hope, trust and confidence is in vain today to elect our own leader, based on principles and values of democracy.”

He said registering to vote at a different constituency deprive the rights of people in that particular constituency.

Mr. Runa calls on people across the country to register in their respective constituencies, as doing otherwise undermines the rights and freedom of others.

SIBC News understands Mr. Runa has also echoed similar sentiments recently.

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