Gold Ridge Mine on Central Guadalcanal

Gold Ridge Mine on Central Guadalcanal. Photo credit: Panoramio.

The Kochiabolo tribe in Central Guadalcanal has praised the NCRA government for it’s Mines and Minerals and Land and Entitlements Act saying the Act will now benefit the people through their shares and land titles.

Tribal Chief George Vari said the Government has been acknowledged for its Gold Ridge royalty for land owners and the lands committee.

Chief Vari told SIBC News landowners acknowledge the government’s commitment to amend the Gold Ridge royalty payment in its Mines and Minerals Act.

“1.2 percent, in fact they’ve given us 1.5 percent, but they have deducted 0.3 percent and have given it to Guadalcanal Province, and so we received the 1.2 percent and this is how the government has decided on the royalties, and now it has been legalised but it was the same arrangement”.

The tribal chief also praised the establishment Lands Committee for a fair discussion and distribution of lands entitlement in the country.

Meanwhile, the Gold Ridge People’s Power Group are demanding the Government to release their long-awaited royalties.

Spokesman for the group Ribson Nunua claims the Government has not released the money that is rightfully theirs.

Nunua further claims seven communities in Central Guadalcanal who were relocated after the April flash-flooding are still waiting for the payment of properties, grave sites and rentals.

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