Taiwanese flag. Photo credit: SIBC

Taiwanese flag. Photo credit: SIBC

Solomon Islands has immensely benefited from the Republic of China on Taiwan’s ‘Health Care Initiative’.

Over the last three months, two medical doctors, Dr. Steven Chun-Kang Liao, and Peter I-Hung Lin have been providing health care services in the country.

Together with the Centre’s new leader, Alice Hsu, the trio provided clinical services and hold health awareness campaign in Honiara and Guadalcanal Province.

Services Solomon Islanders received from the Centre since its inception in 2007 include – critical care and infection control, children parasite prevention, community residents health promotion, diabetic care capability building, nutrition in life cycle program, assess the operation and the maintenance of the ROC funding Dengue fever laboratory, mobile medical team, oral hygiene survey and dental care program, and bilateral health collaboration.

Dr. Chun-Kang Liao told SIBC News, the greatest challenge he came across in his time in Solomon Islands is to help the sick with a very limited setting.

Meanwhile, Dr. I-Hung Lin says it has been an honor to provide medical services here.

The two young doctors return to Taiwan this Thursday having completed their three months service under the Honiara Taiwan Health Care Initiative.

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