SINU increases fees


SINU’s Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Students enrolling for a program or course at the Solomon Islands National University, SINU, will have to dig deep to pay for their fees as of next year.

The university confirmed, the decision to increase next year’s tuition fees was endorsed and approved by the University Council.

This is the first ever fee increase imposed by the University since its establishment in 2013.

SINU said the increase is necessary to meet its operational costs associated with the annual increasing enrollment of students and the subsequent demand for SINU services.

Next year, the University will have completed two of its major building projects including the multi-million dollar Panatina complex and SNRAS Science and Teaching Complex which will add extra costs in terms of maintenance and use of these facilities.

SINU’s major revenue source has been from tuition fees over the last five years and its major development funding comes from the government’s annual development grant.

The new fee schedules for 2019 can be viewed and downloaded from the University’s website.

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