An example of a Samsung smartphone. Photo credit: Gadgets.

An example of a Samsung smartphone. Photo credit: Gadgets.

World Vision is using smartphone technology to accelerate the assessment of needs following the April 3 floods.

The use of smartphones is speeding up the ability to distribute emergency relief to affected households much faster than was possible in the past.

Peter Weston, World Vision Solomon Islands Program Quality Manager says, given the data is only entered once, it reduces the chance of error and information can be used in aid distribution the very next day.

As part of the multi-agency co-ordination group, organisations such as Short Workshops in Mission and Save the Children, are working with World Vision to assess community needs to use smartphones.

The speed at which assessment data from smartphones can inform distributions will help get relief to families faster and based on accurate assessment data.

A statement from World Vision says family kit include a bucket, plates, cups, blankets and a jerry can are for families who have lost their possessions.

It explains, families whose homes have been destroyed or severely damaged will benefit from shelter kits which include tarpaulins, a handsaw, hammer and a shovel.

World Vision is providing relief assistance through a multi-sector response co-ordinated by the Honiara City Council and Guadalcanal Provincial Government, under the guidance of the National Disaster Management Office.

SIBC news understands, distributions of family and shelter kits began in Guadalcanal Plains yesterday.

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