MSG Flags. Photo credit:

MSG Flags. Photo credit:

Solomon Islands has received leadership of the Melanesian Spearhead Group Senior Officials Meeting as officials met today in Honiara.

The chairmanship was handed over this morning from the pro-independence movement in New Caledonia, FLNKS.

Receiving the chairmanship, Acting Permanent Secretary for Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Joseph Ma’ahanua said the theme to guide their deliberations is “Let us build a strong Melanesia in the Pacific where Peace, Progress and Prosperity is ensured and sustained for all.”

“Our theme is not only appropriate but fitting as it ensures an resounding resonance of a the vision, which our MSG Eminent Persons group for our sub-region of Melanesia and with trust endorsed by MSG leaders at their last summit in Noumea namely; the 2030th prosperity for all, a vision that if instituted and realised will no doubt serve to make Melanesia stronger and more vibrant.”

The MSG Senior Officials Meeting continues tomorrow.

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