The Solomon Islands National Parliament

The Solomon Islands National Parliament

The National Parliament will dissolve in September this year.

Clerk to Parliament, Taeasi Sanga told SIBC News yesterday, Parliament will dissolve on 8th September.

She explained this is because the first meeting after the National General Elections in 2010 was held on 8th September that year.

Mrs. Sanga however says Parliament can dissolve sooner if a resolution is moved and passed by Parliament.

“According to our Constitution, where Section 73 (3) says Parliament, unless is sooner dissolved under Sub-section 1 of this section, sooner dissolved is if there’s a resolution moved and passed by Parliament that Parliament be dissolved. If that doesn’t happen, Parliament is to continue for four years from the date of the first sitting of parliament after any general election”.

The Clerk to Parliament adds the Constitution states that the next general election should be held within four months of Parliament’s dissolution.

“The next Section, Section 74 says: There shall be a general election at such time within four months of every dissolution of parliament, as the Governor General shall appoint by a proclamation published in the gazette. So it’s up to His Excellency to appoint when’s the next general election”, the Clerk said.

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