Stop violence against women and girls. Photo credit:

Stop violence against women and girls. Photo credit:

The Special Secretary to the Prime Minister (SSPM) Andrew Muaki is yet to pay up his $10,000 fine after the Leadership Code Commission found him ‘guilty’ of three separate sexual harassment charges in May this year.

The Leadership Code Commission Chairman Solomon Kalu confirms in an exclusive interview with SIBC News.

Mr. Kalu explains, the 60 days deadline for Mr. Muaki to settle the fine has since lapsed.

SSPM Muaki had earlier told the media, an appeal against the fine through his lawyer to the Leadership Commission will be lodged BUT the LCC Chair denies receiving from Mr. Muaki’s lawyer.

“We told him to pay the $10,000 fine within 14 days from 18th May and I think I haven’t received any written confirmation of appealing the charges instead of going through media and saying that the SSPM is appealing the charges so until now there’s no appeal.”

The Leadership Code Commission Chairman also explains, penalties imposed by LCC is administrative therefore it is up to the Prime Minister to decide on the SSPM’s fate as he is a political appointee.

“Since the LCC’s penalties are administrative it’s entirely up to the Prime Minister, in case, because they are political appointees to remove them as they are the ones who chose them. That’s the current position.”

SIBC News hopes to run a separate story from the SSPM’s lawyer.

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