Icons in Medicine. Photo: Icons in medicine

Icons in Medicine. Photo: Icons in medicine

A diabetic eye regional party tour has ended successfully at the Bita’ama Clinic in North Malaita over the weekend.

Party Team leader, Paul Irinao told SIBC stringer, John Andrew Kiri as part of the Non-Communicable Disease Program, the tour was to check on diabetic patients in the Northern region for possible cases of blindness.

He says the tour is also to ensure a visit from the National Referral Hospital as a huge number of diabetic patients is in the region.

“We are here mainly to see those who are already diabetic because the tour is to do screening on the patients so we are here mainly for those who were already diagnosed with diabetes to check their eye sights and book them if they have numbers to ensure a visit from the NRH who are responsible for the Diabetic Eye Regional Party to the Northern region as we have a huge number of diabetic patients in the region.”

Meanwhile, Mr. Irinao encouraged people to consult their health clinics if they are unsure of their health status or think their health is at risk.

“The advise I would give is I think it’s better when you’re not feeling well especially for the old age, consult your clinics because as we know only through checking will we know our health status, so
come and do your checking early if you know that your health status is at risk.”

SIBC News understands, a total of 90 reported diabetic patients have been screened during the tour.

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