Over looking Point Cruz in Honiara. Photo credit: Turismo Hotels.

Over looking Point Cruz in Honiara. Photo credit: Turismo Hotels.

Tandai Indigenous landowners and people, especially chiefs are ready to commence dialogue with the national government over the long over due issue of Honiara Town boundary expansion.

Trust spokesman and provincial assembly member for Tandai ward, John Batista Nano says there has been little tangible progress in an issue much talked about at the national government level by success governments.

The Guadalcanal deputy Premier claims, Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has recently said, his government has begun the process of consultation before cabinet endorses the work to physically mark the boundaries.

But Mr Nano questions if the Lilo led government is able to complete the immense task before parliament dissolves on September 8th.

He stressed, the Tandai people are eager to know the progress of the process.

Mr Nano explains, Tandai people are not against development on their land however, they feel neglected and bribed of their rights to benefit from exclusive developments on their land.

He emphasised, most of the acquisitions on their land were done illegally through compulsory acquisition – which landowners term as daylight robbery.

The Tandai ward member says his people are open for dialogue but will not fall for any outside bait or pressure.

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