SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi. Photo: SIBC.

SINTA General Secretary Samson Faisi. Photo: SIBC.

The National Teacher’s Association has called on teachers to make right decisions to choose good leaders for this year’s general election.

SINTA Assistance General Secretary Walter Tesuatai made the call, saying teachers should choose leaders who have the heart to promote teachers’ issues in the future.

Mr Tesuatai adds, teachers should also choose leaders who will prioritize the development of the teaching profession in the country.

“So the call from the SINTA Secretariat is that we want people, we want teachers who are serious about the future of this profession. They must make the right decision on intending candidates who have a heart for teachers in this country. Never consider your families only or your teaching groups at your school, but consider the whole teaching profession in the country, which has been downgraded over the years now,” said Mr. Tesuatai.

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