Tokspot exhibition showcases achievements and wellbeing programs of youths in Honiara

Tokspot exhibition showcases achievements and wellbeing programs of youths in Honiara


The Youth Sports and Women Division of the Honiara City Council (HCC) has organized the inaugural “Tokspot Exhibition” at the Multipurpose Outdoor Sports and Recreational Area, marking a significant celebration of the project’s achievements and community contributions throughout 2023. This Tokspot project, funded by the New Zealand Government through Childfund New Zealand in collaboration with the Honiara City Council, focuses on supporting youth engagement with communities within Honiara.

The exhibition showcases the progress made by the Tokspot Project, highlighting the impact and changes that have unfolded in youth engagement and community services. The event offers an opportunity for youth workers and volunteers to present their accomplishments across various sectors, including media and communication, community services, youth counselling, dance, physical and financial wellbeing, and music programs, highlighting the steps made in supporting youth’s initiatives.

Deputy City Clerk, Jefferson Patovaki, in his remarks emphasized the importance of the Tokspot Exhibition in acknowledging the remarkable growth and creativity nurtured within the project.

“The Tokspot Exhibition is a testament to the potential of our youth; it is a celebration of their abilities and an incredible achievement that are possible when our young minds are given the opportunity and support to thrive,” Mr Patovaki said.

He called for collective efforts from youth stakeholders and organizations to continue nurturing and empowering young people, encouraging them to become the driving force for positive change in Honiara and across the Solomon Islands.

Her Excellency Rebecca Williams, Deputy High Commissioner for New Zealand to the Solomon Islands, lauded New Zealand’s commitment to supporting youth in the Solomon Islands through the Tokspot project.

“We are super proud to support the Tokspot project through Childfund NZ. I am excited to see what this project have achieved through different parts that you are showcasing in this exhibition. Congratulations every youth for bringing this project to life,” H.E Rebecca said.

The Tokspot Exhibition welcomed representatives from government ministries, private sectors, NGOs, youth leaders, and community leaders, offering them an opportunity to witness the successes and impacts of the Tokspot project firsthand.

The main objectives of the Tokspot Exhibition revolved around highlighting the wellbeing programs implemented within the project, promoting Tokspot’s free counselling services for young people in Honiara, and strengthening the network between community youth groups and the Honiara City Council—Youth Division.

The Tokspot project, a collaboration between the Honiara City Council’s Youth Division and Childfund New Zealand, focuses on supporting the wellbeing of youths in Honiara. The project offers services such as free counselling services, youth wellbeing, community engagement, mental health among youths, and supporting efforts to end violence against children in the Solomon Islands. —ENDS//

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