The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock David Tome. Photo: Courtesy of Parliament.

The Minister for Agriculture and Livestock David Tome. Photo: Courtesy of Parliament.

Agriculture officers are currently attending a 4-day Training of Trainers workshop on processes and tools for land use planning.

Agriculture Minister David Tome told the workshop’s opening, the training is to ensure that participants share knowledge and skills from the training to communities so they can make informed decisions on how to use the land sustainably.

Minister Tome also said the training will equip Agriculture officers, provincial land use planning officers and Strongim Waka long Community Kaikai, or SWOCK Provincial coordinators with technical skills to perform and lead land use planning at the community level.

He said the training will also equip participants to understand how to use the land use planning guidelines and modules.

“The Land Use Planning Modules equips land use planning facilitators to make assessments of and identify adaptations to the forces of change confronting communities including Climate Change, vulnerability to natural disasters, population changes, development pressures and development choices, ecosystem degradation and threats to local ecosystem services. Land use planning is and integrated approach to problem solving to allow communities to make informed choices about the future of sustainable land use.”

Meanwhile, the Agriculture Minister said land use planning must now be the focal point for the greatly and widely exploited environment and land resources especially land.

The training is organized by the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock and is supported by the United Nations Development Programme’s SWOCK Project.

The training ends on Friday.

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