United Party to revive agriculture sector


Peter Kenilorea Junior

A major pillar of the United Party, UP, in terms of the country’s development in the seventies was agriculture.

According to Party President, Peter Kenilorea Junior, it is quite interesting to note how the party was founded on agriculture and other pillars.

In an exclusive interview this week,  he said agriculture was prioritised when Solomon Islands became a sovereign state in the seventies.

“It’s very interesting to note that they’ve based the development of Solomon Islands at that time on agriculture which was a major sector the party strongly focused on. They saw it as the backbone of the country’s economy.

”As a young nation coming out from independence in 1978, agriculture was the backbone of the country at that time.

”That was quite emphasized in their manifesto including the 1980 manifesto so agriculture was one of their major pillars at that time as they look towards how to develop the country’s economy.”

While other party pillars include education, culture and tourism, Mr Kenilorea Junior said he believes UP already has a political vehicle at its disposal.

“I always believe in not changing what is not broken. I looked back at the United Party’s manifesto, their constitution and I saw that all the basic fundamentals we need for a political vehicle for the country has been established so no need to reinvent the wheel as Europeans say not need to start anything new.

”The idea is that this vehicle is already provided so just to revive it is important and I really believe in its constitution.”



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