Hon. Derrick Manuari. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

Hon. Derrick Manuari. Photo credit: National Parliament of Solomon Islands.

A man from West Makira Constituency is calling on their Member of Parliament to explain why they are left out on projects provided under the Constituency Development Fund (CDF).

A John Saenitoro told SIBC News, it has been a year and nothing is forthcoming, except the delivery of iron roofing material for a church building.

“We had no access to these funds since the last year 2015 and we don’t know why. Right now only a delivery of church building materials was made in February and it’s unclear whether this was provided for by the CDF or our MP himself?”

Meanwhile, responding to Mr. Saenitoro’s concerns, West Makira Constituency Development Officer, Ham Mono says the materials are part of a housing scheme for the constituency, adding plans are in place for the next shipment.

“We are planning another shipment to be sent sometime from now in terms of the project materials as part of last year’s building project. For the housing scheme we have started with church buildings so we have about more than 60 church buildings that have started their ground work and are still waiting for some other materials to be shipped across. We also purchase some Lukas Milling machines, three of which are in Honiara at the moment and one already delivered, to assist with the housing scheme.”

Mr. Mono thanked Mr. Saenitoro for raising the concern as it helps to inform the Constituency more better.

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