BSP logo. Photo credit: BSP.

BSP logo. Photo credit: BSP.

A number of Bank South Pacific (BSP) customers have experienced unauthorised withdrawals from the commercial bank’s Automate Teller Machines (ATM) service.

A random investigation by SIBC news revealed, the bank’s ATM deducts customers’ cash upon withdrawals.

A female victim who chooses not to be named told SIBC News, the ATM did not release the total sum of her withdrawal.

Another male customer says he made a withdrawal of $5000.00 but the same BSP ATM only released $300.00 cash.

He enquired further and taken steps to reclaim his money but nothing has been refunded to date.

Meanwhile, in a separate incident, a school teacher had his full salary withdrawn by a ghost last fortnight.

Reports reaching SIBC News reveals, the teacher checked his account balance at the enquiry desk and was informed that his salary was entered before proceeding to the withdrawal terminal only to be told, his salary was withdrawn by an unknown person.

Frustrated customers ask that BSP explains how these unknown withdrawals are possible.

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