Opposition Leader Mathew Wale

The long delay of the vacant Auditor General’s post  raises more questions, says Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale.

Mr. Wale  says the position is established by section 108 of the Constitution as an independent office mandated to audit public accounts and monitor government finance related activities.

He adds the independence of that office means, only a substantive holder of the position can appoint other persons to carry out the functions of the office. 

He says the ongoing absence of a substantive Auditor General raises questions on the authority of that office to discharge its functions especially under present circumstances where the government is operating under a state of emergency framework.

“This is a matter of great public concern. With drops in government revenue it is of paramount importance that government expenditure is tightly monitored so that spending is focused only in areas that really matter. 

“The ongoing delay surely is not helping in this regard, and I therefore call on the responsible authorities to speed up the process and to have the position filled at the earliest,” says Hon. Wale.  

Auditor Generals post remains vacant since March this year.

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