Chief Electoral Officer officially resigns


Chief Electoral Officer Jane Waetara had tendered an early resignation as Chief Electoral Officer and Commissioner for the Solomon Islands Electoral Commission (SIEC).

Mrs. Jane Waetara formally tendered her resignation as Chief Electoral Officer

A statement from SIEC says, her official resignation came into effect on Wednesday 13th April, 2022 and steps to fill the vacant post of the chief electoral officer has been taken and in progress.

Mrs. Jane Waetara was formally appointed as Chief Electoral Officer in August 2020 until her resignation early this month, a period of almost 20 months of service for the Commission.

Although Mrs. Waetara served for the shortest time span in comparative to past holders of the CEO post, her strong leadership and achievement immensely felt and impacted the work of SIEC in all aspect.

Mrs. Waetara was the first female Chief Electoral Officer in Solomon Islands.

SIEC would like to thank Mrs. Jane Waetara for her service to the commission and at the same time wish her well in her future endeavors.

SIBC News was informed that Mrs Waetara resigned to take up a new assignment within the civil service.

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