Don't ignore diabetes photo. Photo credit: littletonhealthcare.org

Don’t ignore diabetes photo. Photo credit: littletonhealthcare.org

The prevalence of Diabetes is estimated to be 13.5 percent across the country.

Director of the Eye Department at the Central hospital, Dr. Claude Posala says on average, about one out of eight people have diabetes and are at risk of developing diabetic complications, including blindness.

Diabetes is one major cause of preventable visual impairment and avoidable blindness.

Dr. Claude says it is vital to do early eye screening with diabetic patients for the sole reason of early detection of sight-threatening complications.

He says diabetes blindness is avoidable when detected early, but unavoidable when detected late.

Dr. Claude adds, it will only be effective to take Treatment for diabetic eye complications at an appropriate early time.

The World Sight Day falls today 8th October.

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