Enumerators end training for Labor Market Information Survey


Enumerators who will be conducting the second phase of Labor Market Information Survey (LMIS) in Honiara have completed a refresher training.

Enumerators Listening attentively to Commissioner of Labor During the Refresher Training. Photo Supplied

The training was conducted by the office of the Commissioner of Labor in the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labor & Immigration in collaboration with Statistic Division, Ministry of Finance & Treasury.

The refresher training will equip the numerators to launch the second phase of the Labor Market Information Survey (LMIS) in Honiara in the coming weeks.

This survey is part of the Democratic Collision Government for Advancement (DCGA) re-direction policy on establishing a reliable information on national workforce/labour markets and to ensure labour market database and research on private sectors demand on trade skills is consistent with the skills demand and supply in the country.

The survey will be conducted for three weeks beginning on the 18th July 2022, and it is specifically targeted at institutions within the formal private sector only (Registered Businesses).

Information from this survey is important as it will be useful for policy makers, as well as for accuracy in the identification of skills needs within the country too. The survey is funded by the Government of Solomon Islands.


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