First nickle shipment from San Jorge set for next year

Nickle project operations at San Jorge, Isabel. Photo: Small Caps

The first shipment of nickel ore from San Jorge island in Isabel Province is expected in the first quarter of next year.

Axiom’s Chief Executive Officer, Ryan Mount revealed.

Australian miner, Axiom was granted a mining lease by the Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification last month.

Confirming the first shipment, CEO Ryan said the first shipment of nickel ore is expected around January/March next year.

“First shipment of ore will be in the first quarter of next year so somewhere between January and March next year. It’s hard to set a fixed date at this early stage but we’ll have a firm date closer to December but basically it’s in the first quarter, first three months of next year”.

On benefits to the local landowners from the mining project, the Axiom CEO told Radio Australia, they will receive twenty percent of the shares, saying jobs will also be created for the locals.

“And then there’ll be a lot of other supplementary services that we require from them as the supply of food, some boat services and a whole range of other services to support the mine. That will also generate a lot of economic activity.

“The other really significant part of it is the landowners are twenty percent owners of the project so in the end they’re going to receive twenty percent of the profits which is going to be a huge boost to the local population in a few years to come when we declare a dividend”.

By: Rickson Bau

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