Kamilo Teke. Photo credit: SIBC.

Kamilo Teke. Photo credit: SIBC.

A former Guadalcanal Parliamentarian Kamilo Teke describes the open call by national leaders for Solomon Islanders to accommodate development on their land as too general, risky and unsafe.

Mr. Kamilo says, it will do well if leaders provide land reform awareness for the landowners so they are better positioned to identify which development suit their interest.

“I’ve heard our leaders calling on our people to give their land for development, but how they are calling on them is very general and risky. I think some kind of education companion to the land reform and educate people especially on how to introduce projects onto their land.”

While Mr. Teke did not specifically name which leaders he is referring to, SIBC News understands, the Governor General, His Excellency, Sir Frank Ofagioro Kabui, in his 2016 New Year’s Address has appealed on landowning tribes to open up their land for development.

“We need to provide land, investments do not grow on trees. Land must be available and secure, our land must be released for development. Government alone cannot just provide jobs out of the sky, it needs land. Give it, do not hold it back, it will be either bought or rented. There will be benefits for the landowner.”

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