Gym. Photo credit: SIBC.

                                                    Gym. Photo credit: SIBC.

The Council-run gym and its surrounding area have got a much needed clean up, thanks to a group of local volunteers.

A statement from the Council said volunteers from the Honiara City Athletics Association, led by Solomon Island’s Inland Revenue Commissioner, Alyton Jamieson and his wife, spent a good time last Saturday tidying up the gym.

HCC Head of Youth, Women and Sports division, Roland Pauku said the Council is grateful to Mr. Jamieson and the volunteers for all their hard work.

He said the gym, toilets, and surrounding areas have been completely transformed, clean and tidy – all gym users should be proud of.

He adds they are very thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Jamieson and the members of the Honiara City Athletics for their wonderful contribution to the gym, saying it is a vital resource to enable their residents get fit and live healthy lives.

Mr. Pauka calls on all gym users to keep the area clean as well as being proud and respectful users of the facility.

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