Rennell Island. Photo credit: Radio Australia online.

Rennell Island. Photo credit: Radio Australia online.

Resource owners of West Rennell, Renbel Province have questioned the legitimacy of Asia Pacific Investment and Development Limited, APID, mineral prospecting activities in the province.

Speaking to SIBC News today Chairman of West Rennell Island Resource Owners Jonathan Tohuika says this comes after the company deploys its workforce to the prospecting site while the company is yet to meet various conditions under the country’s Mines and Minerals Act.

“What I would like to point out here is that the association is so concerned at the way in which APID especially Rayju and Solomon Maui of the APID cannot comply with some of our laws like a resolution from the Mines and Minerals Board on 30th July 2014”.

Mr Tohuika says the resource owners have sought assistance from Land Owners Legal Service Unit, LOLSU, of the Public Solicitors Office and Transparency Solomon Islands, TSI, and are seeking further advice from the Ministry responsible to quickly address the issue.

“We have already engaged LALSU and TSI to assist us in going about this but at the same time we appeal to the Ministry of Mines and Energy to quickly step in and make some directives”.

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