Matanikau floods aftermath. Photo credit: SIBC.

Matanikau floods aftermath. Photo credit: SIBC.

A Tandai Landowner on West Guadalcanal is urging the Ministry responsible for Environment to launch an investigation into logging activities upstream Matanikau River.

Moses Ofa makes this call as logging activities upstream may contribute to the extreme flooding last week.

He says the extent of damage caused by last week’s flash flood was never experienced before.

Mr Ofa says logging can enhance the impact of natural disasters like flash floods- a call for verification by the right authority.

“People from the government side, like the Forestry and Environment have to go and assess and monitor these affected people, who maybe doing unsustainable practices to the forests, though they might claim to have licenses. You have to conduct such activities legally and properly.”

He says if logging activities upstream operate below legal requirements, those responsible must be punished.

Mr Ofa adds, the Government must ensure no one tampers around with people’s livelihood because the consequences are severe.

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