In front of the hospital outpatient. Photo credit:

In front of the hospital outpatient. Photo credit:

The Blood Bank at the National Referral Hospital has received substantial amount of blood over the weekend.

The Acting Head of the Medical Laboratory Donald Tahani confirms this to SIBC News today.

Mr Tahani today acknowledge South Pacific Oil (SPO) officers for their blood donation on Friday.

“We have had responses from the public so far so we are so thankful for the organisations who have responded, firstly the South Pacific Oil Limited. I would like to thank their senior management and staff and all their employees who have helped to organise a blood donation drive last Friday. I have mentioned our difficulties in terms of transportation and funds for refreshments, but the company has helped so much by meeting all these and for that we are so thankful for them.”

Mr Tahani also thanked Guadalcanal Plain Palm Oil Ltd for donating towards the Blood Bank yesterday.

He adds the assistance partly address the current blood shortage issue at the hospital as more blood donation is needed from the public.

“We also have another response from the Guadalcanal Plains Palm Oil Limited (GPPOL) from their medical doctor and the senior management staff who organised a blood donation drive yesterday on Sunday, and we’ve got a very successful outcome. These have helped the blood shortage situation.”

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