SOPE further extends for four months 

Motion to extend the State of Public Emergency for an additional four months has been passed in Parliament this afternoon.

National Parliament meeting at the Parliament chambers

Hon Speaker Patterson Oti declared the motion received a majority vote of 43 with no absentees.

“The motion is carried by the required two-thirds majority of the honorable members. The votes “FOR” is ” 43, No’s is zero, and no abstentions. The total votes cast is 43, and therefore, the

motion is now passed.”

The Parliament now adjourns until Monday 13th September 2021 following the passing of a special adjournment motion moved by Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare. 

This is mainly to allow the Bills and Legislation Committee, BLC, to continue its hearings into recommended bills. Among these is the Public Health Emergency Bill 2021.


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