Tenakoga Adventist College classroom caught up in flames


The building that was burned down to the ground. Photo Supplied

Tenakoga School’s two-storey building that was used to accommodate the Forms 4, 5 and 6 Science classrooms including the school’s science laboratory all perished by fire at around 4am this morning.

In an interview with SIBC News this morning, School Principal Francis Leovania said they are not sure of the actual cause of fire and are still trying to process the loss that they have encountered.

“We do not know how the building caught fire. We were shocked when we saw the flames early this morning and the community came to help us put out the fire but there was already too much damage. 

For us teachers, students and the community, this school and building is our pride as it is built by the community, so it is indeed a very sad situation for us, Mr Leovania said”

Mr. Leovania said classes are cancelled as of today and will resume when the situation is resolved.

“We have students all over the country attending here, from Temotu to Bougainville and not only Guadalcanal. 

What remains after the fire. Photo Supplied

Classes have been cancelled and the school board have met today, and we will meet with the education authority and the community to inform them that we might have an early break and resume when we find a solution to the situation for the sake of our students.

“We are appealing to anyone who can give help at the moment so that we can rebuild our classes for the sake of our students,” he said.

The Principal added they have informed the Tetere Police to attend to the incident and that they will be visiting the school today.

By Eliza Kukutu 

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