Portrait of a voting ballot. Photo credit: Radio Facts.

Portrait of a voting ballot. Photo credit: Radio Facts.

The West Kwaio Ogulana Alafa house of Chiefs in the ward 27 of Malaita Province will conduct a ‘Vote Wisely’ awareness starting this month.

A Group of Chiefs and Community Leaders will conduct the awareness program throughout the constituency – an attempt to educate voters of their democratic right to use their best judgement in electing their next parliamentary representative.

Chief John Paul Irokeu says the Chiefs and people of West Kwaio will ensure their next leader is someone who has posses honourable characters and one who has the community at heart.

The Chief warns self-serving individuals who operate with a handful cronies who often travel to Honiara with false community projects will be wasting their time.

He says, West Kwaio is eager to work with a leader who will ensure rural people are self-reliant and pay for their own needs rather than dishing out cash, materials and promote dependency.

Mr Irokeu also warns intending candidate for West Kwaio Constituency to refrain from all forms of bribery.

He says candidates involving in bribery will be demanded compensation by the West Kwaio house of chiefs and reported to the Electoral Commission Office.

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