Australian Justice Minister, Michael Keenan MP. Photo credit:

Australian Justice Minister, Michael Keenan MP. Photo credit:

The Australian Justice Minister who visited Solomon Islands recently said Australia is taking its relationship with the country very seriously and they are providing a further 2-million dollars towards transport infrastructure in the country.

Minister Michael Keenan confirmed this in his meeting with Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo yesterday.

“The Australian Government has been able to provide 3-million dollars worth of aid and today in my meeting with the Prime Minister, I’ve been able to tell him that the Australian Government will be providing a further 2-million dollars worth of aid to help out particularly with the transport infrastructure that’s been damaged through those floods. Australia will always ready to stand with its friends and it’s wonderful that I’ve been able to visit the Solomon Islands and spend a bit of time with the Prime Minister to be able to reaffirm that friendship and better reaffirm the importance of the cooperation between the Solomon Islands and Australia.”

SIBC News understands, the Australian Justice Minister left the country over the weekend.

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