An example of a Biometric Voter Registration machine. Photo:

An example of a Biometric Voter Registration machine. Photo:

A former Secretary to the Prime Minister, George Kuper, has said the idea of getting people to go to registration centers for the national general elections is like depriving their voting rights.

Mr. Kuper made the statement in light of recent concerns raised over distances that people in the provinces have to travel to registration centres.

The concerns were raised by people in the Northern region and West Kwaio of Malaita province recently, which most elderly and aged people as well as those living further inland would not be able to register or vote in this year’s elections.

But Mr. Kuper told SIBC News that telling people to get to the registration centers than visiting them in the community is like denying their voting rights.

“They said you will have to come to us than us coming to you, this will deny the people their rights to register. Now, you take away that rights, what will you tell people that I am you government, this is all the questions that people should be asking the current administration. So the Constitution states that people have the right to vote. Why are you limiting it, why are you restricting it and why are you depriving the rights of people who live inland, who do not have access and money to travel and register themselves to vote in the elections?”

He adds, a clean and fair election cannot be possible once people’s rights are suppressed.

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